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Somethings. [Apr. 11th, 2006|03:26 pm]
The Aficionado


[mood |This just might be my liberty.]
[music |I will not associate this with any song.]

there was no point in typing about it.

It's not important enough anymore to be archived.
The most important thing is that I have finally been liberated.
And even then, it is only worth a slight mentioning.

Life has revert back to normalcy.

And I am comfortable once again.


Feelings will always be there.
Well, somewhere.
Just not in me,
not anymore.
Trapped in a bottle,
a memory floating abroad.
Set it free, and free it shall be.
Never lost on its own and neither lost is it to me.
Until the end of its time
it will always be there
but definately not
till the end of mine.

That will be the last.
No longer will I draw upon these feelings, and empty emotions for familiarity or inspiration.